COMSA Data System

COMSA implements an innovative electronic system for real-time data collection, review, analysis and release. Using Open Data Kit (ODK) platform on their smartphones, CSAs collect and transfer data on pregnancies, pregnancy outcomes and deaths as they occur. Verbal and Social Autopsy interviews are carried out on reported deaths using tablets loaded with ODK. Data are stored on cloud servers and are retrieved and analyzed using state of the art analysis software such as R and Stata. Estimates generated are reviewed and released for public use.

How It Works

Providing public access to real-time data creates opportunity to inform programs and policies in Mozambique.

Sharing Data, Savings Lives

COMSA aims to share real-time actionable information for the purpose of promoting research, engaging the public, and ultimately, improving the lives of Mozambicans. Please visit our DATA ACCESS page to register and download all COMSA data.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School

of Public Health (JHSPH)

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United States

Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS)

Vila De Marracuene, Estrada Nacional N°1,

Parcela N°3943,

Província De Maputo – Moçambique

Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE)

Av. 24 De Julho 1989 Caixa Postal 493,

Cidade De Maputo – Moçambique